The Upbringing Fundamentals


There’s a quote that goes “The best gift that parents can give their children is time.” Time with them and time alone with themselves, both, leading to a fundament nurturing of the child.

Children are like a mould of clay. It is in their early growing years that, the kind of lifestyle and surroundings they are exposed to, which will inevitably define their nature and character as teens and eventually, through to their adult lives.

It is up to the parents, over and above the child’s alma mater, who have to polish the child’s upbringing and take key responsibility for it. Today, a child has innumerable activities to keep themselves actively engaged throughout the day. It is the child’s decision as much as it is the innocuous eagerness of a persuasive parent to decide what he or she wants to undertake as a hobby.

The parents, under such circumstances, will require the guidance to carefully select the best and most exciting activities on offer which is where Concept Exhibitions takes the spotlight to present its 3 day Children’s Exhibition for an experience of innovative and proactive activities for your kid. This is a one of a kind Kids Mela, an elaborately child-friendly experiential fest. Remember, children don’t learn by being talked to, they learn by being involved in.

If it is ‘Time’ you’ve been missing out on with your kid, here’s the best way to give it to them.

Concept Exhibitions KIDS MELA 2014
28th Feb – 2nd March
WTC, Cuffe Parade

For more details contact :


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