All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

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What are your memories of playing as a child? Reaching home and just rushing out to play, rolling out in mud, laughing your guts out, enacting imaginary stories, singing and shouting at the top of your voices. Now think about your children. Are there opportunities for play for the Kids today the same as yours were? Most likely not.

Today, adults have exerted ever-increasing control over children’s activities. Kids today are busier than adults, continuously struggling between studies, extra-curricular activities and meeting up with their parent’s demand.

Today kids don’t play for mere enjoyment instead there’s a lot more competition involved which restricts the child’s element of fun. Kids, today are either busy in their studies or in other activities, which basically leaves no time for them to play and have fun.

Anxiety and depression often occur when an individual feels lack of control over his or her own life. Children who grows up under complete scrutiny of their parents without any freedom are likely to be unsure and afraid in nature.

Learning while you play is the hour of the need today. Play is under pressure right now; it’s a crucial part of what makes all humans so smart.


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