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Nature is a great teacher and getting kids outside to learn and play is good for their brains and their bodies. In today’s time, kids are hardly exposed to the outside world. The learning environment has changed drastically, no doubt it’s advanced today, but we are forgetting the basis of nurturing a child.

Education today is just limited to the four walls of the classroom. Parents today are not realising that for a child to face the world on his own, it is necessary for them to come in contact with their surrounding and understand things on their own. Books can make Kids learn things, but it’s their own experience that will help them build up their self-esteem.

Seven out of ten parents feel that pressures of time and the availability of green spaces mean that playing with their children outside is a rare treat. Children are likely to be more physically active when they play outside and are more likely to play with other children. Over a third of parents claim their fondest memories of play were making up their own games.

Various activities such as Boys scout, camp school, and health science should be inculcated in child’s curriculum. One can even use technology for leading kids closer to nature. Activities like camera safari helps Kids to enjoy and learn.

In the late 1970s, 90 per cent of children walked to primary school. Now it is just 10 per cent. Experts say that modern day children are missing out on vital experiences because they do not spend enough time having fun in the open air and may become dysfunctional adults.

One can either go back to the same traditional methods of teaching or either get more and more technological advanced but should not forget the basic need of a child to play and face his own small ups and downs now so that he can in life further.


All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

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What are your memories of playing as a child? Reaching home and just rushing out to play, rolling out in mud, laughing your guts out, enacting imaginary stories, singing and shouting at the top of your voices. Now think about your children. Are there opportunities for play for the Kids today the same as yours were? Most likely not.

Today, adults have exerted ever-increasing control over children’s activities. Kids today are busier than adults, continuously struggling between studies, extra-curricular activities and meeting up with their parent’s demand.

Today kids don’t play for mere enjoyment instead there’s a lot more competition involved which restricts the child’s element of fun. Kids, today are either busy in their studies or in other activities, which basically leaves no time for them to play and have fun.

Anxiety and depression often occur when an individual feels lack of control over his or her own life. Children who grows up under complete scrutiny of their parents without any freedom are likely to be unsure and afraid in nature.

Learning while you play is the hour of the need today. Play is under pressure right now; it’s a crucial part of what makes all humans so smart.

No Teacher Equal To A Virtuous Parent.


“Being a parent is not just about bearing a child, it is about bearing witness to its life.”

Nowadays, parents rely on schools to teach children about morals because they are too busy to do it themselves. But, with the ever increasing demands placed upon children to grow in this competitive world, parents and their role in the process of their child’s growth is extremely important.

What can one do if when there’s an availability for 3 hours for both the parent and the Child?Head for a movie or letting your child play with play stations that are currently in vogue!

Rather than wasting this time, it can be utilized to indulge in innovative educational activities or anything which a child and a parent can do together.

Connection with your children is the most beautiful gift that one can give to their kids. Be it sitting in the waiting room waiting for a doctor’s appointment with your child, or watching your child at an extracurricular activity, one should stay “connected” with their child. They notice and those golden moments of the gift of time one gives their kids make all the difference.

All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them. Each day of a parental life, a parent deposits some or the other thing in the memory of their child. One must make sure what he deposits in order to get better returns.

So where does one go to get access to such solutions and solution providers?

Kids Mela 2014 taking place between 28th February and 2nd March at World Trade Centre, Mumbai is one such efficient and effective solution as they bring to you the

latest in innovation pertaining to educational tools that could best assist parents in need.Products and services from various exhibitors will be on offer.

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The Upbringing Fundamentals


There’s a quote that goes “The best gift that parents can give their children is time.” Time with them and time alone with themselves, both, leading to a fundament nurturing of the child.

Children are like a mould of clay. It is in their early growing years that, the kind of lifestyle and surroundings they are exposed to, which will inevitably define their nature and character as teens and eventually, through to their adult lives.

It is up to the parents, over and above the child’s alma mater, who have to polish the child’s upbringing and take key responsibility for it. Today, a child has innumerable activities to keep themselves actively engaged throughout the day. It is the child’s decision as much as it is the innocuous eagerness of a persuasive parent to decide what he or she wants to undertake as a hobby.

The parents, under such circumstances, will require the guidance to carefully select the best and most exciting activities on offer which is where Concept Exhibitions takes the spotlight to present its 3 day Children’s Exhibition for an experience of innovative and proactive activities for your kid. This is a one of a kind Kids Mela, an elaborately child-friendly experiential fest. Remember, children don’t learn by being talked to, they learn by being involved in.

If it is ‘Time’ you’ve been missing out on with your kid, here’s the best way to give it to them.

Concept Exhibitions KIDS MELA 2014
28th Feb – 2nd March
WTC, Cuffe Parade

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